“Why do you want to work for this company?..”

…is often disregarded by the interviewees as a dumb question or a signal that some flattery to the company is in order. But “because you’re the best” is not the only (if at all) correct answer to the question.

“You’re not Google, you’re just some unknown startup! What answer do you expect?”
Truth. There’s something that made you consider this option. Would be very interesting to know what it was.

“But it was your HR who invited me to the interview!”
But you agreed. You’ve sacrificed your time to come and talk about your experience and maybe solve some challenges or even take some homework. You’re already investing time right now. If you’ve got something even remotely resembling a plan, or motivation in life, you probably know an answer to this question at least for yourself.

“I’ve got an answer, but you won’t like it…”
This question is not about flattery. It’s not about “saying what they wanted to hear”. It’s really about positioning yourself as a candidate. Actually, “I don’t care, I just go with the flow and see whenever my path takes me” is also a valid answer.

“I don’t care, I just need my first job to get at least some experience” is also a very good and honest answer. It gives the interviewer the right impression that probably having a good mentor and getting up to speed with the development technology is the top priority for you now.

“I just want to pay my bills”, or, “I’ve heard you have good salaries, cookies, health insurance, etc.” is also a valid answer. There’s nothing wrong with putting money or other tangibles front and center in your life, or a certain period of it. Once again, the question is about positioning yourself in terms of priorities, so the interviewer would get the idea about what makes you tick, what drives and motivates you.

So next time you hear this question, try to ask yourself:

“Why do I want to work for this company?”



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Technical project lead @ CRX Markets. I mostly write about Java and microservice architecture. Occasional rants on software development in general.